Franks Brothers Mission Statement:

To improve the lives of New Zealanders by providing positive and uplifting experiences that inspire and support lifelong healthy lifestyle habits

Franks Brothers History:

Fitter, faster, stronger....healthier and happier.

Since 2010 Franks Brothers have been helping people improve the quality of their lives, not only by improving the quality of their health and fitness, but by also improving the quality of their relationships. At Franks Brothers we work hard to provide a community for people to be a part of because we know how important this is to help you stay happy and healthy. Countless numbers of friendships have been forged during the quest for fitness.
At Franks Brothers we all work out together, supporting and challenging each other to be our best and cheering each other on. That's the way it always has been and every day we work hard to ensure that that's the way it always will be.

Franks Brothers Value Statement: At Franks Brothers we value honesty, willingness to try and work ethic. We encourage you to try your best but to always work at the pace that is right for you. There is no expectation on levels of performance or strength other than that which is right for you. That doesn't mean that it will be easy – it means that it will be appropriately challenging based on individual levels of ability. We will make sure you work hard and we will make sure that you're continually being challenged.

Franks Brothers Background info: Ben and Owen always joked about having their own gym, because they've been training their whole lives it just made sense. One day Ben went and leased a warehouse, he just needed to find a way of exercising that could work for anybody, from experienced athletes to beginners and everybody in between. Around this time Ken found CrossFit and told the boys about it. At first he was sceptical but after experimenting with the CrossFit methodology and introducing it to the boys as a way of getting their conditioning through the roof, Ken realised he was on to something. And so it began.. Franks Brothers CrossFit was born