Franks brothers FAQ's

frequently asked questions

Can anybody train at Franks Brothers?

People from all walks of life make up our Franks Brothers community. We have members of all ages and fitness levels training with us. Our programming is designed to suit everyone, any age or fitness level. Our coaches are trained to modify the workout according to individual needs depending on experience, ability and confidence. We won't make it easy, but we will make it achievable.

How can I get started to see if Franks Brothers is for me?

The best way to find out if Franks Brothers is for you, is to come along and try a class for FREE. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to help guide you in the right direction and answer any further questions you may have. Please click here to receive the class times and days for a FREE class.

How often should I train at Franks Brothers?

For the best results we do highly recommend you attend Franks Brothers 3x per week.

By coming 3x per week you will see yourself becoming fitter, faster and stronger.
If you have other commitments throughout the week our coaches can help you out with a training schedule specific to your needs.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Absolutely, we have an awesome community here at Franks Brothers and encourage you to bring your friends along too.

What should I bring with me?

Sensible training shoes and a water bottle. If you forget your water we do have a drinking fountain you can drink from and refill your bottle with.

Do we have showers and a place to get ready for work?

YES! All our locations have showers, toilets and changing rooms for you to freshen up after your workout.



Start Times : Classes start on time. Please ensure that you allow enough time to arrive and be prepared and ready to go when the class starts. If you arrive late, it can be very disruptive for the other members in your class, plus you may miss important information.

Policies : At Franks Brothers we are very proud of our community and the support and encouragement that we all provide each other. All members of our community are encouraged to behave in supportive and non-judgemental ways at all times. We all remember what it is like to start and we aim to welcome new members into our community with open arms.

Trust is highly valued within our community. We respect each others space and belongings.

We are very proud of the community atmosphere that we have created at Franks Brothers and we hope that any new members are respectful and open to becoming apart of this special culture that we have.