Franks is more than just a gym! It's a community of great friends working out together and supporting one another to smash our own personal goals!



I joined crossfit 4 years ago. Until then I had never stuck with any kind of exercise before. I love that it is different everyday, I am constantly challenging my body and its ability. You don't have to be fit or fast to join as you'll get there!



The Frank's Brothers crossfit community is quite literally the reason I get out of bed most mornings! I train at 6am before work and it's just such a fantastic way to start the day, with intelligently programmed workouts, personalised coaching and a whole heap of friendly like-minded people to hang out with!



Joining Frank's Brothers Crossfit 2 years ago when i moved to Christchurch was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The wide range of sports and fitness backgrounds that the coaches come from really help broaden the wealth of knowledge that you have at your disposal as a member, from Olympic lifting and gymnastics to mobility and nutrition.

The programming is second to none, and being infinitely scalable it caters to everyone.
It's always one of the most fun hours of my day and I couldn't recommend it highly enough.



I've been training at Franks Brothers since Dec 2011 and the gains I've seen in my strength and fitness are beyond my possible imagining.
Previously I went to the typical gym where once every 6-8 weeks a 'personal trainer' would give me a program to follow that I had to then simply repeat, alone, 3-4 times a week. Hardly inspiring stuff.
But this is where Crossfit is different and so much better. Every day it is different. Every day is a new challenge. Every day you get to push yourself a little bit further out of your comfort zone. And even better, you're surrounded by encouraging friends working out right alongside you (rather than the Globogym with the cardio bunnies hogging the running machines and the body-beautiful types staring lovingly into the mirrored walls while doing bicep curls!)
And what else I love about Crossfit is that is for everyone. Don't be put off by the elite guys you see on ESPN at the Crossfit Games. It really is for everyone. The approachable, experienced and qualified coaches at Franks Brothers are able to work with you to scale every movement and weight so that everyone is challenged at exactly the right level.
For me, the benefits of Crossfit can be summed up like this: Accessibility + Community = Results.