Being fit and strong helps to prepare you to face the challenges of life.

It's not just about being physically fit and strong, it's about mental and emotional strength and fitness as well. We all have different goals – some of us want to compete in high level sports, some of us want to be able to keep up with our young kids, and all sorts of things in between. Franks Brothers programming is designed to allow all our members to benefit and be able to progress towards their individual goals.



Franks Brothers Fitness program incorporates constantly-varied, functional movements into a variety of different workout formats.

Every day is different, you'll always be learning and developing as we help you to work towards your health and fitness goals; and the Franks Brothers coaches will be there every step of the way to help you.

Not only will you benefit from overall improved fitness and strength, but you will also gain in areas like mobility and flexibility (helping you move better both in and out of the gym) , confidence and self-esteem (as you begin to realise you can do things you never thought possible), community and connection (we are super proud of our community and we are confident that if you are open to it, you will be welcomed and supported during your journey with us).

There are many, many benefits to be had – all you have to do, is be willing to try.



We thrive on the opportunity to introduce new people to our community and way of exercising, so absolutely yes!

From seasoned athletes to people just starting out, Franks Brothers Fitness program is specifically designed to be accessible to everybody. Franks Brothers coaches are also high skilled at tailoring workouts and movements to suit individual requirements, within the group environment. If you're willing to try, then we can help you!